Thunderous thoughts and whispering fear cannot obliterate the inner voice that tells me the truth of everything.  Although it is difficult I still see the lights shining in the peoples eyes that persevere and overcome their largest of life challenges.  My heart goes out to them.  Such atrocities which are meant to terrorize and persecute the innocent will make good souls only stronger and braver when those who do the devils deeds will show only their true colors of black red and yellow.

Black is the sludge that runs through their veins and tightens their hearts making it impossible to feel any wrong doing or remorse.

Red is the blood on their hands and the rivers of  blood of those loved and lost by innocent people. Red is the mark on their soul and of the fire.

Yellow is the color of their spine.  Hiding and sneaking around in the shadows for now and until the end of time.  There is no turning back and their is no future.  Their is nothing good in-store for the evil one.

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