First of all, I just want to say that we all do it.  It doesn’t matter how good you are or how good you think you are, you will fail to shine at something, sometime or be a failure at something no matter how hard you try at being successful at it.  You will not be perfect at everything and some will hate you know matter what you do or say to try to make them like you.  You will be yourself and you will not please everyone.

It will be okay.

You will be an idiot at that moment and you will know it.  You will know that the person who just rolled their eyes at you and walked away, was right.  You are stuck standing there in your own stupidness and there is not one damn thing you can do about it. Even worse you could make yourself look stupid in front of someone that you either wanted to impress or you wanted to get to know, maybe you humiliated yourself in front of your child at their school, or you simply are unable to speak the words correctly that are forming in your mind and they came out wrong and in your own mind, you will be forever stupid to that person you made the first impression too.

Don’t sweat it, one day it  will be just a funny story either to you or to the person that you were stupid in front of.  Innocent stupidness is funny and memorable.

When I watch talks or listen to people during meetings I always feel the need to inject myself into it, especially if the talk is dry or boring or the speaker is struggling.  Humor is a wonderful antidote to getting the job done and getting more people on board or involved in the room.  My own experiences are mostly revolving around a classroom setting.  By the way, I hated school when I was young and was terrified to speak, so much opportunity was lost for me at high school.  I recognized my lost opportunities when I was at the age of 20 and I returned to school.  It was hard work but I tell you, once I overcame my fear of speaking and my fear of being a fool in public, everything became allot more fun and I challenged myself allot more when I realized I was my own worst stumbling block.

Sometimes what we fear about our own inadequacies are so crippling that we will take any possible chance of success away from ourselves; because of the comfort zone we have created in being such a complete and total failure.  Wow, that just goes to show how hard we are on ourselves and how little faith we have in the abilities we hold and how much we devalue our own uniqueness in this world.  Don’t believe these lies, if you hear them from someone else, then it’s time to drop that relationship or at least put it lower on the priority scale; if you are telling yourself these lies then it is probably time to start seeing a psychologist and working out some issues you may have.  Let yourself move on and believe that there are people out there waiting for you to come along and bring your own unique value and contribution to whatever it is that your purpose holds for you.

People are out there waiting for you to come along, you are unique and life changing for someone or something. Anyway, I will go forward with that thought in mind and I will internalize these words for my own benefit and I will share these words to you especially to those who need to hear them…

Stupid moments are awesome times to look back on, I think back and laugh at some of my stupid moments and shake my head wondering why I even got hired at the job I do,  I wonder how anyone could ever take me seriously when I show these people my weaknesses or my stupidness at times.  Funny enough, that is what brings me closer to my employees and my friends or children, is by showing my weakness or stupidness occasionally.  Laughing out loud at how stupid it is and allowing others to laugh at me, with me.

Why carry the burden of all of the responsibility of a decision, especially in management.  I absolutely love to share the responsibility with everyone concerned.  I will never dictate I will follow.  I will follow the majority because after everything is said and people have all of the information concerning their own involvement or participation at something they will want to be a part of the decision making, even if they are the employee, the citizen or the child.

Of course we all want to be right and experience that feeling of power over something can be tempting to people sometimes.  It is a trap that a person will never be able to live up to.  Being to serious about things can lead to intimidation in your presence.   You really don’t want that, it’s counter productive.  Be real with your people, listen to what they say and care about their contribution, you can’t really go wrong with that.  Do that and they will work for you and with you and they will even teach you something that you really need to know.

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