The Bad is the Negative and the Good is the Positive.
We are not just people we are souls. We are not the same, but we are all living together in the world; the good and the bad are at war.

When you stand in the room with a negative presence you know it and feel it. You don’t have to see it to believe it; you just know. A deep sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that warns you of imminent doom. You can be surrounded by negativity and appear to be standing alone. You don’t see anyone around yet there is a force that surrounds you and this force can create fear, conflict, isolation and cause you to be reactive. That is only the start. The mind can play tricks on you and you may have beliefs that influence your real life decision making.

On the other hand if you are surrounded by positives or good, it is infectious. It bubbles over and overtakes your body by radiating out of your skin and eyes and will blanket you with warmth and energy. Your whole presence can be seen by the other good souls on the earth and in space. You don’t have to show people how good you are or tell them. They will see it on you and in your eyes. They will sense it and feel it when you approach and you will be welcomed and greeted by others that are like you.

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