Once you know what you want it is allot easier to figure out where you want to go. It really helps to have your priorities straight. Because lets face it its not only about you. So before you try to be super human and achieve all of your outstanding work, don’t forget to take time out for yourself. Yes that means leave your computer, go for a walk in the neighborhood, look around you and see whats really going on. Watch the people and the cars and the hussel.
If you are in the country then you won’t have a problem with enjoying your surroundings, the smells and the wind on your face or the river rushing by with all of its force. Maybe a large endless field of nothing or you may be surrounded by mountains and trees. My point is, don’t get so absorbed into what you want, and take time to look around and experience everything.

This is when the answers come. During the free time, the time away from everything else. If you are telling yourself you don’t have time for any of this then I’m pretty sure you need to do it ASAP. Eventually all of the blocks line up and the cloud of confusion will dissipate and you will find yourself in a beautiful place full of peace and contentment. The fog will lift and you will be in the presence of warmth on your face and spirits lifted and a gentle calmness in your stomach. The stress has lifted and your mind is clear once again. The questions that have haunted you will be gone because you are now left with the answers you seek. You will have a new path; a new direction. Maybe a new way of looking at things.

I want to make a comment on all of the new focus in the media about self image. I am very excited to see the media encourage women to see themselves and accept themselves for all the good and not so good that makes us all beautiful and special in our own ways. Kudos!

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