Does it really matter how others see you and does it really bear any weight on what the truth really is about you and your own personal success?  What is success and how would you measure it by your own standards?  Is money really the most important thing that would put value on what you are doing and how successful you are at what you do?   Are you devalued because what you do doesn’t make you allot of money? What do you think?

The world may revolve around how much money you have and may help determine  how well you move forward in your life; but you don’t have to stand still if you don’t have very much money.  Having lots of money can have its share of  problems and responsibilities associated with it and is not always glorified.  One day the money and the stores may all be gone.  And when the money goes, so does the cars and the house and anything else that has been financed.  It happens just like that in a  heartbeat and then you will be left feeling alone, weak, worthless, hungry and desperate.

I measure my monetary wealth by how much of my money I can keep at the end of the day.  Some days I make more and I spend more.  The less money it will cost me to acquire something or do something is more money I can keep.  Don’t make the mistake of valuing yourself based on how much money you make.  You are wiser and stronger if you value yourself  based on something that is more solid  like what you own that is paid for, how you can feed yourself and your family if you can’t buy something from the grocery store, what can you do to make make side money for when you really need it, how to create a simpler lifestyle that helps you to save more of your hard earned money, how to recognize value in something that other people throw away.  How to maintain your health and save you money on drugs and doctors bills.

You have to be willing to give up the luxuries and the “Jones” status.  You have to know how to grow a garden; fertilizing the ground to produce fruit or vegetables, you have to learn how to trade. You have to own what you have.  It has to be achievable in a shorter amount of time.   Be prepared to work as a freelancer or as a day laborer if you have too.  What ever it takes. If you have financing and you owe money out you have huge challenges ahead of you and it will be tough.  If you are a renter you could find yourself out on the streets with your family or alone.  You could be digging in garbage cans…  believe it.  It only takes a few mistakes that lead you down the swirling tunnel of  hell, hopelessness and despair.

Think ahead about what you will do when it is all gone, because the chances that it will last your entire life are dwindling.  Plan for the worst and be ready.  You are worth whatever you have put into yourself.  Your time,education, skills, positioning in the economy, value you bring to something that you do. It could be building something,  sales, writing, design.  If there isn’t a job for what you do out there then you can create your own job by using your head, focus on your strengths and leverage yourself using your opportunities.  You can not expect to last on one skill set or training, you need to continuously learn and evolve yourself.   These days it does not always require formal education, you just have to prove yourself and your abilities.  Be independent if you can, not relying on government funds to get you through the tough times, this drives the taxes up for everyone and is only creating a huge financial burden for the country.  Look for the hidden opportunities and jump on them.  Being lazy will only drag you down and ultimately everyone else.

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