I realized over time that I’m not one of those people who make it rich over night and I accepted the fact that I have to work at it.  I had to learn all of the hats, I had to overcome my fear of speaking in front of people and strangers.  I had to learn how to do all of the grunt work and I have to still check over all of my resources on the internet at least every two days, just to make sure I don’t miss anything.  When I do this it gives me a chance to make some notes add some more resources for my readers and try to be up on answering everyone when they send me direct messages.  Its allot of work and so far I pretty much do it because it is a habit I have created for myself and my understanding of the business concepts have developed gradually over time.  My connections are awesome and I want to work.  I love it.  I love what I do.For some reason after all of the countless hours of learning html and trying to master the programs I liked, I became entirely infatuated with the idea that one could make an awful lot of money on the internet, if you could sell countless amounts of products on the internet over and over again. No-brainer right?  Not so.  When I started doing this you had to actually know how to write all of the code yourself and there was no such thing as social media websites. It just about drove me crazy trying to figure out how to reach my market without spamming and then the whole, what should I sell thing, PURE INSANITY!! I have made every mistake known to man while learning how to master this idiot box in front of me.

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